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At a time when technological innovation is becoming faster, the internet has made the world smaller. Everything is done at the touch of a click and anyone, anywhere, can purchase the products or services they want. Keeping the business off the internet is risking losing ground. If you want to promote your business, selling on the internet is essential.

We implement and host a flexible and dynamic e-commerce platform, prepared for the sale of any type of product or service over the Internet.

Building and maintenance of online stores
From 150€/month

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Refresh Multimedia - eCommerce

Store building and maintenance


Flexible management of VAT

VAT management in accordance with the types of products, and according to the type of sale, facilitating export product. We carry out automatic validation of VAT numbers EU.

Payment methods: rapid and effective

There are several means of payment solutions that can effectively meet the needs of electronic commerce. Mastercard, visa, paypal, bank transfer: choose payment methods for your shop and get the bill.

Sale of various products and services

Gain access to a platform that allows selling products or services, donations, rentals, digital products, tickets, subscriptions. Choose the products or services you want and start selling.

Integration with Google Base

Automatic Transmission of your products to Amazon and to Google Products Search through an API integration that allows you to be available in several countries. API for Google Merchant, a means to foster expansion of your business!

SEO: pages optimized products

Automatic management of page titles, descriptions and keywords for better indexing by search engines. Fundamental to the success of your online business.

Product Management: Battery management

Managing an online store involves making several updates image, text or price. Apply highlights in promotions or products that you want to highlight to captivate consumers. Manage your store in a simple, rapid and autonomous!

Shipping methods: effective delivery

The customer can buy in their online store but if the product delivery is delayed and the service fails, the customer return to your online store may be seriously compromised. Do not take risks and choose the most appropriate shipping method.

Multilingual and multicurrency

Having an online store allows multilingual and multicurrency reach new customers and more sales volume. The shop is multilingual and multicurrency as a necessity for companies that want to internationalize. Start selling your products all over the world!